Ways To Feel Cozy This Winter


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It’s winter time. Time to toss off those long boring sweaters with the cute and plush chic sweaters. From stripes to rosy colours to high-necks to turtle neck, there are a plethora of options available on Yepme.com.

Here’s a countdown of the smart choices that you can make.

  1. Stripes and sweaters are a beautiful combination. Get your dose of chic style with these lovely sweaters in amazing colours available on Yepme. Pair these up with denims or chinos and loafers for a casual look.


2. Zippers are always in vogue. Perfect for layering, this sweater can be put over a sleeveless sweater in colder month. It will keep you warm and comfortable.


3. This cute cardigan in pink hue is a must-have in your wardrobe. Be it ethnic wear or casual, this one will if for the keep. It will give you a different look and make you look sexy.


4. Scarves are a must-have. For men as well as for women, scarves look stylish and keep one warm. There are so many ways to tie a scarf, choose your style and make heads turn.


5. Chuck off the usual and boring round and V-neck sweater and try a different style. This Kimono in nude shade is a perfect pick for the urbane woman, who is bold and confident.


Esha Gupta Yepme Collection’


Esha-Gupta-Collection-from-YepmeEsha Gupta as Yepme’s brand ambassador endorsed the Spring-Summer Collection 2014. The collection portrays sensuality with a playful wit and has a young and feminine vibe to it. Rich colours and textures with fringes and lace make it up for the summer season. From short lace dresses to colour blocked crop tops, it is all about being bright and feminine in your own comfortable way. Esha Gupta as an ambassador to sport the spring-summer collection of Yepme infuses a sense of style in shades of playfulness to create contemporary designs that capture the spirit of modern Indian women today. This is what the collection is all about; independent, confident and stylish representing young women of India.

As Esha Gupta says, fashion in its truest sense is style that is easily available to all, and Yepme has done just this by giving people the latest styles at the click of a button. She says, “I personally love Yepme’s clothing line and I am glad to be a part of the fashion revolution that they are creating”.


Key Highlights:

  • Comfortable yet stylish clothes.
  • Bright, vibrant colours.
  • Feminine, perky, peppy & chic.
  • Fashion forward clothing.
  • Affordable clothing.
  • Exclusive limited edition of ‘Esha Gupta Collection’.


A Sneak-Peek at the Latest Yepme Ethnic Collection



We are just few days away from launching our limited edition premium ethnic wear collection, here’s an exclusive sneak-peek at some of our favourites! This handpicked collection of Yepme premium kurtis featuring intricate work from the rich culture of India has been designed keeping the vibrant culture and festive spirit in mind.

The magnificence of our forts, the variety of our culture, the colours in our festivals, the diversity of our dressing; all of it, make us a proud nation. From the scintillating sarees to the chic kurtis, Indian ethnic wear has bowled over not only us Indians but inspired the designers from all over the world. The latest trends in Global Fashion Shows show the evolving Indianised clothing. The Indian version of western tunic’’ i.e Kurti has paved to a stylized look for the Indian women looking for chic yet ethnic wear. Kurti, an upper garment, is a shorter version of Kurta’’, which is worn by men.

Image-2Kurtis are made with lighter material and is worn usually over denims. Designers have given a lot of twist to the original kurti and now there are a variety of styles, designs and fabrics in which Kurti is available. It has given Fusion wear a new dimension and one can now choose a kurti according to one’s body type and choice. From chikankari to phulkari, there are a multitude of options available. Yepme.com, Indian’s leading online shopping destination is coming up with a premium collection of beautiful and stylish kurtis. As the festive season is nearing, get ready to shop and explore the variety of kurtis only at Yepme.

Image-3The Kurti collection at Yepme will give you an opportunity to have effortless and eternal elegance at your doorstep. The exclusive pieces available on the website have been handpicked keeping the vibrant culture and festive spirit in mind. With bright and beautiful colours and different styles and fabrics, you are sure to get spoilt for choice. From lace work to intricate embroidery, from A-shape to umbrella style, take your pick from the hundreds of patterns to choose from.

Image-4Be it office or just a casual outing, women now-a-days are preferring kurtis because of its effortless yet trendy appeal. Pair it with denims or leggings, according to your taste and comfort and accessorize with ethnic earrings to complete the look.


Fashion Horoscope Virgo


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Courtesy : pinterest.com

Charming, practical, wise, well spoken, cheerful & meticulous are all qualities that describe the Virgo.

The sixth sign of the zodiac, the Virgo is a earth sign. Knowing and analyzing every fact, a Virgo is extremely ambitious and always wants more. Your loving and compassionate nature makes you well loved by everyone. A constant need for perfection makes you meticulous. Social media and blogs were made for Virgos, since you love to express yourself. You are caring, giving and for you ‘ love is real ‘.

Things Virgos can work on – dogmatic personality, criticism, judgmental.

Fashion and style: 

Overly casual is not your thing since your outfits have to be carefully put together. Chic, edgy, smart, striking best describe the clothes and jewelry in your wardrobe. Perfection is one of your strongest traits and you seek this in your clothes.

You love micro pleated skirts and basic silver elements in jewelry. Each piece you choose in wardrobe and jewelry is influenced by the earth nature of your zodiac sign. A Virgo woman will never be caught dead with a bad hair day or clothing (no pictures are allowed if she is not dressed well)! Shop now from Yepme.com since eye-catching tops and dresses are your favorite.


Courtesy : pinterest.com

Colors and Virgo:

Natural earthy tones, blues, orange and yellow.

Celebrities with this sign:

Blake lively, Beyoncé, Cameron Diaz & Kareena Kapoor

Virgo Man:

Virgo men don’t hide your star sign, because it’s a girl sign, because you are a perfect alpha male.

Precise, exact, methodical, hardworking and a attention for details – The Virgo man. You love well-put together outfits. Denim shirts, polo, tees, stripes work best for you. A Virgo man is well groomed at all times. Shirts that can be paired with everything from denims to chinos are your wardrobe staple. You seek practicality and reliability in your wardrobe. Shop polo tees, stripes and check shirts that go with everything, from Yepme.com

Check your Shirt Style!


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When it comes to Men, one of the classics that can be found in every man’s wardrobe is a check shirt. From blue collar boys to the Wall Street honchos, everyone swears by it. Just walk down a high street or a mall and it will be confirmed. Check shirts come in many patterns, styles and colour combinations, but getting it right is an art. From window pane checks to tatterstall to tartan plaid to gingham, there are many variations of the pattern. Many get it right, thanks to their fashion sense and instinct, but some fail to impress.

Image-1Must a check shirt be worn with denims or layered over a white tee. Is it okay to wear check shirt with a solid colour suit? Will it go well with chinos? Let us style this classic pattern and infuse a fresh style in your look.

1) Layer it: The other basic staple in a man’s wardrobe is T-shirt. Layer a plain T-shirt with a check shirt and it will give you an uber cool look. It is best suited for casual occasions and can be paired well with any lower that you feel comfortable in. Try to wear a dark coloured tee when layering. Another layering that can be done is layer a shirt with another one. But, it can be a bit tick, so try to wear a lightweight shirt underneath and a heavyweight denim shirt over it.

Courtesy : aliexexpress.com

One can also layer a check shirt with a textured or heavy-weight jacket or a knitted blazer for a relaxed personal style.


Courtesy: fashionbeans.com

2) The Formal Check: Following the same boring dress code in office can be boring. Though a plain blue shirt with a well-suited suit gives the perfect formal look, one can experiment with check shirts and crisp suits. Flannel plaid will be a bit too casual, so pairing up a blue and white scale checks such as gingham or windowpane check could be the answer. A solid colour tie can act as a perfect accessory.


3) The Casual Affair : The plaids are perfect choice for a casual outing. Choose the colour combination of your choice and pair it with solid colour trousers or slim-fit denims and complementing footwear (desert boots, brogues etc. of your choice).DSC_9494

The Art of Accessorising


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No outfit is complete without accessories. Accessorising is an art. Not only does the type of ring or earring you wear reflect your personality, it also reflects your mood and shows your taste. Jazz up your outfit with a bold necklace or big danglers and you will definitely impress the onlookers.  This season is all about downsized accessories, so an understated piece of jewellery, a pair of stilettos and a bag would just be enough.


Bold or feminine, classic or colourful, shop a wide range of accessories from Yepme.com, your one-stop fashion destination.

Let us have a look at the accessories which will complete your look for the season.

  1. Bag It! : Nothing looks more elegant than a sophisticated handbag. Be it a clutch or a tote, an it-bag or a sporty backpack, choose the type of bag, according to the outfit which you are wearing. Pick up a contrasting yet coordinating colour which enhances your look. Also, keep in mind the size of the bag. Add colour if you are wearing a black or beige dress.



2. Necklace/ Earrings : A sure shot way to catch attention is wearing a bold neckpiece or big danglers. It never goes unnoticed. A distinctive and fun neckpiece over a white button down shirt or a yellow top would not only add to the look but also infuse a lot of colour in your wardrobe. Chunky, metallic, bejeweled or tribal, take your pick and add an edge to any of your look. Keep in mind to keep the rest of look simple.


3. Watch Out! : Snag a chic watch and be fashionable, be punctual! Though bright colours and big dials are in, choose the watch according to your taste and wrist size. A bracelet rose gold watch with a skater dress will just be a perfect accessory for an elegant look, if you don’t want to go overboard.

Watches-14. Sunglasses : Summers are incomplete without a trendy pair of sunglasses. Whether it is about checking out the hot guy sitting next to you, without him noticing or protecting your beautiful eyes from sun, sunglasses have always been in vogue. Though the trends keep changing, it is always better to buy the one which suits your face cut. Cat eyes to retro round to the classic aviators, there are so many styles to choose from.


Celeb Style Check with Yepme




Animal Print :

The easiest way to look sexy, trendy and stylish is to add animal print to your wardrobe. Try the animal print dress by Yepme. Animal print should stay single i.e you can choose from a dress, scarf or shoes, but wear only one animal print at one point of time.

Style Diary :

1) For the more conservative, mix and match animal prints with solid, basic colours only. Black seems to work best. Insert colour through heels or a lip shade.

2) Staying single is key with animal print, Choose only one large part of your outfit that’s wild. For instance, if your top is a leopard or tiger let the pants be non animal.

3) If you want to be daring, take a leap and pair with a pencil skirt which touches below the knee or leather pants.

4) Wear animal print with bright colours. Think only one single vibrant color. Choose your colour and have fun with it. This actually helps in toning down the print as the colour steals attention away from print. Green pants (available at Yepme) would look delicious with animal print tops at Yepme.

dress like a star 2Skater Dress :

A dress silhouette inspired by the 80’s, fitted at the bodice, nipped at the waist and flared at the hips. This cut best helps the Indian women. When it comes to the colour palette, it’s the soft hues and monochrome shades that strike the most. Try the dusty pink for a feminine twist or the brown for a minimalist touch. For a ravishing appearance, another colour palette to consider is the boldest of bold hues, blue.

How to Wear it :

A) Wear flats : Your skater dress can be perfect for the day. Pair with roman sandals or converse, to be comfortable.
B) Accessorise : Add a skinny belt in metallic finish to change the look.
C) Layer : Wear a sweater or a leather jacket on top.
D) Tights : Back to school fashion is a huge trend this season. The skater dress with printed leggings can be reminiscent of school days.

Denim Shirt : 

This is a classic staple. Denim is a material that is engraved in menswear. From jeans to shirts, and everything in between, this fabric is a wardrobe staple. Come rain or shine, you can wear it in any season. Durability and versatility are a denim shirts best features. An undoubtedly menswear essential, a button down, slim cut denim shirt is what you should be investing in. Used a layering or a standalone piece this denim shirt should be in your wardrobe. The above picture is a testament to this shirts ability to transition all seasons, look stylish on everyone and to effortlessly interchange through looks.

Dress like a star

Check Shirt : 

An example of easy fashion, smarter than a t-shirt, and less formal than a structured shirt. Whether used as a layering or a standalone piece, check shirts are a classic. Wear a plaid shirt over jeans and maintain the evergreen classic look. The check shirt is to a man what a LBD is to a woman – a wardrobe staple

A plaid or checkered shirt will add that much needed personality in your wardrobe. Wear a solid colour t-shirt inside your check shirt and pair it with denims for the perfect casual look.

If you are not the shorts kind of a guy stick to denims. Denims in summer should be extremely lightweight. Don’t forget to cuff denims at the ankles this summer. Headgear has cemented itself as another fashion staple for the stylish man. Choose from panamas or fedoras to be stylish and protected from the harsh rays of the sun at the same time. Finish your summer look with a hot pair of glasses, a messenger bag, and be ready to get some attention from the girls.

Wedge Out


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Let’s Pledge It, To Wedge It!

We have days when you want to look and feel tall but just do not want to step into high heels as you can’t march up and down during your work routine.

You want something comfortable! You want something that makes you look taller, effortlessly.

You immediately have the best posture around. And most importantly you love the way you look and feel.

About loving the way you look and feel : You immediately have that sense of working and being pro-active. Its not us that said this, it has been proven over the years with the help of studies and human behavior.

So wedge out while you can and be the best dressed, everyday. Our polka dot number is the favourite of the lot and in no time it will become your favourite pair too.

ootdHere at Yepme.com we have the best, outfit of the day, very conveniently known as ‘OOTD’ and to finish the look we have grey-scale wedges.

How to get the look :

Go crazy this season as we are much excited to don these babies on road.


“Variety’s the very spice of life that gives it all its flavour.” – William Cowper

Let the variety in your wardrobe describe the diva that you are!

Let your shoes do the talking and walk the talk like you own the town. There is a difference between knowing that you own the world and sometimes just simply knowing that one-day you might will. So, walk like you know that one day you’ll own the ground you walk on.

Grab these while babies while they last and enjoy the flavours of wedges.

The Six Yard Drape


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Saree is an epitome of feminity. With a beautiful long history, saree has come a long way; from a traditional attire to a sensuous one. With more than 80 ways of wearing it, saree will leave you smitten and wondering on which style to wear. A sure shot head-turner, saree is a perfect mix of elegance, subtlety, tradition and culture. From sexy sheer to handloom fabrics to the exciting neons, sarees come in a variety of fabrics, styles, prints and designs and in a country like India, there is a different pattern according to a different region.

image-2From the famous banarasi saree from Banaras to the Kanjeevaram from Kanchipuram to the Jaipuri Bandhini, each region has its own cultural influence on this beautiful piece of fabric. An ornamental border or an elaborate palla only adds to the look of a saree. Shop for a wide range of beautiful sarees only at Yepme.com, a one-stop shopping destination for all your shopping needs.

saree-11) Casual Wear : It is best to pick up simple and light-weight sarees, which are easy to wear for a casual outing. Georgette, chiffon and cotton in beautiful prints and patterns are ideal for casual wear. Nothing will look more sexy than a chiffon saree paired with high-heels and subtle make-up for a coffee-date. Try to avoid dark colours during day time. Also, women with voluptuous figures should avoid wearing stiff cotton and try to wear fabrics which will enhance their curves.

Casual Wear

2) Party Wear : For a night party, choose dark colours with lots of work, shimmer and sequins. Black, gold, red and dark green are the colour to look for, in your cupboard. Sheer sarees with lace or sequins will also make the heads turn and get you compliments. Try to avoid saree with too much of work.

Party Wear 3) Office Wear : Office is all about formal wear, so the best bet to pick up a crisp cotton saree or a delicate chiffon. Cotton sarees not only give a formal look, but also adds grace to a lady. Choose light colours like pink, peach, sky blue, white, beige and try pin-up your saree so that it becomes manageable for you. Do not choose bold prints, sequins or sheer fabric for office-wear.

4) Wedding Sarees : When it is time to celebrate, shop for the beautiful Banarasi or Kanjeevaram or some other designer saree. For a wedding function, it is best to pick up heavy embroidery, sequins, rich silk, dark colours complemented with beautiful jewellery.

Courtesy: indiamart.com

Celebrate Independence Day with Yepme .com


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google-post‘Long years ago, we made a tryst with destiny and now the time comes when we shall redeem our pledge .. At the stroke of midnight hour when the world sleeps India will awake to life and freedom . ‘- Jawaharlal Nehru.

This is the 68th Independence Day of India. We as Indians have come a long way in every aspect. Today we are leaders in science, technology, art, innovation, fashion and the world looks upon us. Indians should be proud of them and celebrate independence in all fervor.
Celebrate Independence Day in style with Yepme.com.

It’s that time of the year, where every Indian feels patriotic, starts to seek the Indian in them.  Add some orange, white and green to your wardrobe and show off that you are an Indian.


Orange in the Indian flag stands for courage and sacrifice.
Clothe yourself with perky orange with the traditional Kurti. A pair of bangles in tricolors will put you in full spirit of the day.

Palazzo Pants :

When the mercury level is rising and the clothes have a tendency to stick to our body . The only sane solution is the Stylish palazzo pants. Try orange palazzo for a comfortable twist . These won’t stick to your body in the heat.

Dress :

Dance your way into freedom with this dress. Going out and celebrating independence day , wear this color and turn heads . 

photo 2

It represents peace and truth in the Indian flag .
If you are going for white, here’s what you can add to your wardrobe. Add a orange or green scarf for the full spirit of the day.

photo 1 (1)


Green stands for faith and chivalry in the Indian flag . Choose from the following clothes and represent your country.

Green Midi:

The midi dress worn right can actually have a whole lot of Wow factor, and be pretty flattering . One rule to follow is –“The higher the hem , the lower the heel “. IF you are a heel lover , good news: wear your highest , most ridiculous heels .

Green Skater Dress:

The skater dress is feminine and universally flattering .Going out with friends or a dinner, on the long weekend choose this dress. Fitted at the waist and flared into  a A-line silhouette , this classic staple is a universal flatterer , meaning it can suit every personality and fill any wardrobe dilemma .

indian flag step by step nailart (2)

Patriotic nail art : You can show your spirit for the country with the nail art .