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Let’s Pledge It, To Wedge It!

We have days when you want to look and feel tall but just do not want to step into high heels as you can’t march up and down during your work routine.

You want something comfortable! You want something that makes you look taller, effortlessly.

You immediately have the best posture around. And most importantly you love the way you look and feel.

About loving the way you look and feel : You immediately have that sense of working and being pro-active. Its not us that said this, it has been proven over the years with the help of studies and human behavior.

So wedge out while you can and be the best dressed, everyday. Our polka dot number is the favourite of the lot and in no time it will become your favourite pair too.

ootdHere at Yepme.com we have the best, outfit of the day, very conveniently known as ‘OOTD’ and to finish the look we have grey-scale wedges.

How to get the look :

Go crazy this season as we are much excited to don these babies on road.


“Variety’s the very spice of life that gives it all its flavour.” – William Cowper

Let the variety in your wardrobe describe the diva that you are!

Let your shoes do the talking and walk the talk like you own the town. There is a difference between knowing that you own the world and sometimes just simply knowing that one-day you might will. So, walk like you know that one day you’ll own the ground you walk on.

Grab these while babies while they last and enjoy the flavours of wedges.