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When it comes to Men, one of the classics that can be found in every man’s wardrobe is a check shirt. From blue collar boys to the Wall Street honchos, everyone swears by it. Just walk down a high street or a mall and it will be confirmed. Check shirts come in many patterns, styles and colour combinations, but getting it right is an art. From window pane checks to tatterstall to tartan plaid to gingham, there are many variations of the pattern. Many get it right, thanks to their fashion sense and instinct, but some fail to impress.

Image-1Must a check shirt be worn with denims or layered over a white tee. Is it okay to wear check shirt with a solid colour suit? Will it go well with chinos? Let us style this classic pattern and infuse a fresh style in your look.

1) Layer it: The other basic staple in a man’s wardrobe is T-shirt. Layer a plain T-shirt with a check shirt and it will give you an uber cool look. It is best suited for casual occasions and can be paired well with any lower that you feel comfortable in. Try to wear a dark coloured tee when layering. Another layering that can be done is layer a shirt with another one. But, it can be a bit tick, so try to wear a lightweight shirt underneath and a heavyweight denim shirt over it.

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One can also layer a check shirt with a textured or heavy-weight jacket or a knitted blazer for a relaxed personal style.


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2) The Formal Check: Following the same boring dress code in office can be boring. Though a plain blue shirt with a well-suited suit gives the perfect formal look, one can experiment with check shirts and crisp suits. Flannel plaid will be a bit too casual, so pairing up a blue and white scale checks such as gingham or windowpane check could be the answer. A solid colour tie can act as a perfect accessory.


3) The Casual Affair : The plaids are perfect choice for a casual outing. Choose the colour combination of your choice and pair it with solid colour trousers or slim-fit denims and complementing footwear (desert boots, brogues etc. of your choice).DSC_9494