Skirt Your Style


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Essential, versatile, flirty and beautiful. A skirt is all this and much more. An essential in a girl’s wardrobe, it can not only be mixed and matched to create the look of your choice but also brings out the feminine side. From A-line to asymmetrical, from pencil to tulip, you can choose the style that suits you. Choosing the right skirt style is as essential as matching the right accessories with it. Different styles of skirt suits different body types. You can get a variety of skirts at the one stop shopping destination,

Image-skirt (1)1) A-Line Skirts : An A-line skirt is slimmer at the waist and broadens at the hip. As they are shaped like the letter “A’’, hence the name. They may come in a variety of lengths. As it balances out the heavier hips, it is best suited for the Pear shaped women. Great pick for a curvy lady.

A-LINE SKIRTS2) Pencil Skirts : The form-fitting, straight cut and usually knee-length skirts are Pencil Skirts. They are usually made of stretch materials. Perfect for slim girls, it can work for formal as well as informal occasions.

Pencil skirt
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3) Flared Skirts : A women always loves a lot of flare and if you are tall and have bigger hips, then this is the skirt style for you. Though a variation of A-line skirt, these skirts are wider and have a lot of flare. Pair it with a fitted top and pointed heels for a lovely look.


4) Fishtail Skirt : Fitted at the waist and hips and flaring out from the knees to the floor. These skirts are great for an informal event and look great on women with slight curves. Also known as Mermaid skirts.

fishtail skirt
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5) Tulip Skirts : These skirts have an extra dose of fabric at the hips, a clinched waist and a tapering hemline, giving it a look of an inverted tulip. It looks great on hourglass, pear and rectangle body types. These skirts are comfortable and cute and may work well for formal as well as informal occasions according to the type of top and accessories you choose.

tulip skirt

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Five Best Hairstyles for the Monsoon with


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The rain is here and we couldn’t be happier. But the rains also bring with them hair woes. If you are having one of those days where your hair is just refusing to behave itself, try these hairstyles.

Twisted Ponytail :

High :

A high ponytail is a extremely easy to do hairstyle. This can be matched with most of your outfits. Sleek is an understatement when it comes to this ponytail.

Low :

From the hassle free to the sumptuous, from daytime to evening, the low ponytail is amongst the hairstyles to master for your monsoon  hair repertoire.
undone 2

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The Undone Topknot :

Try this edgy look that you can definitely do in the car to work. Finish up with a fierce lipstick. This could also work well with the beach or the concert. Keeping your neck cool, and the ability to transition to a casual night out look with just the addition of some bold makeup, the undone topknot is this summers favourite.

band it out 2

 Put a Band on it : 

This one is so easy, you could do it in a second! Just slide a skinny metallic hair band or hair clip to keep your look fresh and sexy at the same time.

Bows :

They are the more time tested and socially accepted cousin of bunny ears. The key here is not to skimp on the bow. You’re also making a statement, so make it oversized, luxurious and fun. Another way to wear it is with a  headscarf tied up 1940’s working girl style.

The Braid : 

A red carpet favourite in the recent times, braids are best for the monsoon. Tie them in any way you like. There are so many ways to tie a braid that you will never get bored.


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Milkmaid Braid :

They come and go but never really lose their romance. A braid encircling the head, often known as the milkmaid braid or a crown braid – can ooze folkish innocence and an underlying sensual awareness that not many hairstyles in themselves can muster. Embodying the easiness of the hot summer days , the milkmaid braids are finally setting to build a bridge between the old world romantic look and the modern day rebel aesthetic.


 The Ballerina Bun :

From slick and sophisticated to messy and undemanding, the ballet bun is utterly irresistible for the sticky monsoon. When it comes to hair, messy means super trendy, just like effortless means super doable, as in a hairstyle you can really put together in the morning, without having to spend hours in front of the mirror. Style this bun with smart, preppy outfits from, opting for an all round natural makeup look built upon blushing cheeks, rosy lips and a single coat of mascara.

Monsoon Dressing for Men – Get Drenched in Style


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The rainy season is not always a delight for people, as it confuses us on the fashion front. But, for Men who are fashion-conscious, it does not matter whether it is rain or sunshine. Though choosing between looking good and managing to stay dry is a tough call, one can try to get the best of both worlds. Streamline your wardrobe now to stay in trend.

Monsoondressing-1What to Wear :

1) T-Shirts and Shirts : Printed tees and light cotton shirts are a must-have in this humid weather. High quality cotton and natural fabrics should be your options for picking up the clothes. Brighten up the dull weather with colourful tees. Do not shy away from the neons, as this is the best time to add them to your wardrobe. It will also add a fun element to your whole look.

Men-tees2) Shorts and Bermuda : Jeans can be a little uncomfortable during monsoons, so try to avoid them. Instead opt for shorts or Bermudas or any other pair of knee length pants. In different hues and prints, they will add oodles of style to your look. Perfect for an informal evening or a coffee date, these can be paired with printed tees or shirts for a metrosexual look.

Men-shorts 3) Windcheaters and Raincoats : We love monsoon for the stylish raincoats and windcheaters. One can choose from the transparent wincheaters to the printed raincoats. They are available in a variety of prints and colours. So, take your pick and complete your monsoon look with your choice of raincoats. They will ensure that you stylish even in the rains.


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4) Sandals and Floaters : Leathers and flip-flops are a big no in this rainy weather. Opt for floaters which lets your feet breathe, while protecting your feet from the mud and muck. For formal occasions, go for the closed rubber shoes, instead of leather brogues.


What Not to Wear :

  1. Avoid light colours or white shirts in this season.
  2. Just for Monsoons, try not wear Jeans, as they take a longer time to dry and may become uncomfortable in this humid weather.
  3. Leather jackets and leather shoes are definitely not for this weather. For formal occasion

Men’s Wear : Decoded


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stylish piecesDenim Shirts :

Denim is a fabric that is practical and rugged, and makes its presence felt in a man’s wardrobe season after season. Durability and versatility are the trademarks of a denim shirt. The revival of the denim on denim look, makes the denim shirt the workhorse of your wardrobe. Another option is to wear your denim shirt with a contrasting colour chino. Able to fit naturally into casual, semi casual or business casual, the denim shirt looks just as great paired with a pair of boots and jeans as it does with denim shorts and converse during summer. For the upcoming winter, make the denim shirt your ally and wear with a jacket.


Check Shirts :

An example of easy fashion, smarter than a t-shirt, and less formal than a structured shirt. Whether used as a layering or a standalone piece, check shirts are a classic. Wear a plaid shirt over jeans and maintain the evergreen classic look. The check shirt is to a man what a LBD is to a woman – a wardrobe staple.

imageGraphic T-Shirts :

Sometimes wearing a t-shirt can get so blah, right ? It doesn’t have to be that way with the graphic t-shirts from These statement t-shirts let you speak your mind without saying a word. A cool graphic t-shirt can solve any case of ‘I have nothing to wear‘. With a little creativity and some styling, you can wear your graphic t-shirt in many ways.

Graphic tee over dark jeans can make for a dressier look or opt for light colours for a casual look. You can wear your statement t-shirts with khaki pants or chinos. You can really bring a sense of whimsy to suits as well, by adding a graphic t-shirt in place of a button down shirt(only if you dare). Never run out of options with Yepme and pair your graphic tshirt with shorts.


Having a good wardrobe starts with having a solid foundation. You need to gather versatile items that will go well with everything. You can bring up the versatility of your wardrobe, by incorporating the above items in your wardrobe rotation. So start shopping today at

The Dot Effect



One trend which pops up after every few seasons is Polka. A Classic it is, after all the ever adorable Minnie Mouse never wore anything but the Polka. Celebrities like Emma Roberts and Scarlett Johannsen have worn it on the red carpet with aplomb. Polka is a mélange of sophistication and trend, making it a great design to sport. Be it a complete polka dress or a pretty Polka nail art, you will never fail to impress.

Courtesy :

 Some of our favourites to rock the dots are :

1) Dress : A cute Polka dress or gown will only add the fun element in your sophisticated look. By wearing the trend constantly on the red carpets, the celebrities have shown that they love to spot the “Spot”. A simple classic combination of black and white is an all-time favorite with big earrings and stilettos.

polka dress

2) Jumpsuits : These are definitely a head turner. Jumpsuits are in vogue and spotting this trend with jumpsuits will make you look sexy and mature yet oh-so-girly. Perfect for a day outing to night party transition.


3) Shirts/Tops : A monochrome top with a block skirt or trousers looks great. Keeping the whole look casual is the key for a simple yet stylish look. Accessorizing with a bright colour will give the whole look a fresh feel.


4) Trousers : A loose-fit pair of polka trousers is a summer/monsoon staple. Not only do they look chic, but can be paired with a casual tee and scarf. Retro look can be fun to carry off.

Polka trousers

5) Accessories : The cute dots added in small doses can also work wonders. Wear a polka scarf belt on skirt or a cute dotted earring or a hairband, anything will give a subtle nod to the trend. A spotty pair of heels or sunglasses will also make you look different.



Son of a Bun


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Ladies, letting your hair down in curls, waves or braids is not the only trendy thing to do lately.

The weather tends to get hot a lot of times and if not then it is humid and sticky. Hence, you end up feeling all splotchy.

We all know we just don’t want that! Who wants to show up at work or brunch looking like you’ve just finished your vigorous workout and let’s not forget the stench? Yuck!

So, wear your hair high or low but bun it in style and this way you bypass the heat and the entire package it gets along.


There are plenty of ways to style a bun : Casual, formal, neat, messy, loose and tight, etc.

In the board above you can inherit these styles that suits your occasion. So far, studies day that its is the best street style hairdo for the last 2 years.

The Best Look for the Bun :

  • Use a scrunchie, sock or hair donut to hold it.
  • Slap on round (John Lennon style) or cat eye sunglasses.
  • Wear light winged eyeliner, on the edge of your eye.
  • The most important: Seal with a long kiss. We mean lipstick and a colour that will intrigue you. Red is our current favourite and popular with this look.


Tutorial : You will see in the picture above the step-by-step tutorial on how to tie a stylish low bun that suits any occasion, absolutely.

FYI : This only takes 3-4 minutes (upper limit) of your time and that makes it a perfect hairdo to wear to work. Isn’t that awesome?



Now if you have mastered the art of tying a bun up high or low in style, or even sideways then step up your game by getting inspired by Japanese street stylists.

Try a crazy yet not so Avant-garde hairstyle and take it from there. Create a new look everyday.

We are not shy to try a new one each day. Are you?

Summer Wardrobe


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The summer collection at Yepme will make you want to hit the gym. Abbreviated hemlines, cut outs dresses and skirts with extra connectivity aka shorts are back in a big way this season.

Skirts :

What is it : Short Skirts 

A skirt is among the seasons most on trend silhouette. In our humble opinion there is no wrong way to wear it. You can wear it with a shirt for a day out with friends, a tube top for a night out, and a t-shirt for a casual look. If you are worried about showing too much skin, to go to styling trick is to throw on some opaque tights. Wear your skirt with flats or booties to underplay it or heels to add the glam factor. When it comes to these easy to style skirts, there is no one way to wear them.

What is it : MIDI

The newly reinvented midi is a wear anywhere piece. One piece can take you from office to evening, to beach to wedding; it’s the ultimate in multifunctional fashion. Wear with a tshirt and flats for the day. If you have the confidence, pair with a crop top for a contemporised take. This is one trend that knows no seasonal barriers. Come chilly weather you can wear with scarves, a cosy knit and a pair of heeled boots. The midi has the ability to cinch in and emphasise a great waist.

Dresses :

What is it : Skater Dress

skater dress 2

A dress silhouette inspired by the 80’s, fitted at the bodice, nipped at the waist and flared at the hips. This cut best helps the Indian women. When it comes to the colour palette, it’s the soft hues and monochrome shades that strike the most. Try the dusty pink for a feminine twist or the brown for a minimalist touch. For a ravishing appearance, another colour palette to consider is the boldest of bold hues, blue .

How to Wear It :

A) Wear flats : Your skater dress can be perfect for the day. Pair with roman sandals or converse, to be comfortable.
B) Accessorise : Add a skinny belt in metallic finish to change the look.
C) Layer : Wear a sweater or a leather jacket on top.
D) Tights : Back to school fashion is a huge trend this season. The skater dress with printed leggings can be reminiscent of school days.

What is it : Cut Outs

These are this year’s hottest new trends. Quirky, bright and the modest way to show off summer skin. The little pop of peek-a-boo skin gives you just a hint of sexiness. Cut outs are a trend to embrace, because it let’s you be both edgy and adorable at the same time. From brunch, to work, to a cocktail, wearable for any occasion. For work throw on a cardigan to cover the cut out.

shortsShorts :

The most uncomplicated of all items in your wardrobe, shorts are easy to wear for summer. Shorts are comfortable, convenient and cool. Pair them with a shirt or a tee. These shorts with a crop top that hits right at the waistband, a slick beach bag and look – at – me sunnies will make you feel you are always on a vacation, even if you are only walking down the local street. Play up with the colours, wear with graphic tee shirts and a tough pair of flats.

This summer, nothing quite evokes the image of glamour like the summer collection at Yepme. Choose from various styles to look like the ‘poster girl’ from a magazine.

The Lace Affair


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A woman’s affair with lace goes back a long way. The delicate lace is an epitome of feminity. A must-have in every women’s wardrobe, it can give undisputed elegance to any girl. One can add it as an accent or wear a complete lace dress and the onlookers are sure to get impressed. The timeless beauty of lace has increased even more with designers creating new looks with the different types of laces and enticing hues. Choose from the beautiful lace hats to tops to dresses at, a one-stop shopping destination.

Lace Image-1
Let us see how we can experiment with this beautiful fabric and style it to get the best look.

1) Lace Dress : A beautiful lace dress makes the uptown look easy and gives a classic look. It not only enhances your assets, but makes you look sophisticated yet sexy at the same time. The celebrities have time and again worn the most breathtaking gowns on the red carpet and got away with all the compliments.

Lace dress
2) Colouring it : Though White is an all-time favourite for lace clothing, as it gives an ethereal look to a lady, laces also look beautiful in pastel colours. The delicate laces complement the feminity of a woman. It also gives a fresh and young look and can be complementing with an all-natural look.


3) Lace skirt: Lace skirts not only look beautiful, but also give an effortless modern look. A pencil skirt paired with a button down shirt and stilettos will elevate your look, while keeping it simple and will work as office wear as well.



4) Blouses and Shirts : A beautiful lace top can be paired with a short skirt or denims with flats and a bright shade of lipstick for a girl-next-door look. This look can be created out of your existing wardrobe and bring out your luxurious side.

Lace Tops

5) Accents and Accessories: Garments with lace accents, lace sleeves or hemline will also keep you on sync with trend. A lace trim, pendant, hat or a neckpiece are also some of the accessories which can be added in your look.

lace accessories

Fashion Horoscope


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Leo Fashion horoscope
Fashion Horoscope : Leo

We are back with the fashion horoscope, with your style written in the stars. As per the zodiac calendar, it’s time for Leo to shine or rather Roar. A Leo lives for the attention of others. The loudest of laughs, the brightest smiles and the most confident – The Leo!! Your fashion sense is timeless or it can be ephemeral. Exquisitely made classics or fun fashion, both don your wardrobe.


Palette :

Your fiery energy goes well with orange and warm tones such as gold and yellow. Sartorially perfect at all times, a Leo woman is the queen of the fashion world. You can carry off the extreme of all fashion trends because of your innate confidence. For Leo’s best colours are gold, red, orange, bronze and any bold dramatic colour combination. Stay away from anything dark, as it could be a mood killer. 

Style :

Image means everything to a Leo. Animal prints suit a Leo very well. A Leo is drawn to anything daring, which fits them well. As your confidence surges this month, don’t be afraid to show off your figure. An empire waist to hint at curves, or a skater dress will work best to take your look centre stage. Neck and back are often underlined in a Leo’s individual style. Racy, cut out backs are a Leo’s style statement.

Best Accessories :

  • Handbags : Big ones for the day and small ones for the night.
  • Sunglasses : Aany size and stylish.
  • Neck : Trendy carves.
  • Jewellery : Glints of gold touches on the wrist and neck.
  • Hair : Think soft curls or straight hair swept to the side, held up with gold hair accessories.

Leo horoscope 2
Leo Celebrities :

Madonn, Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez, Gulzar, Manisha Koirala, Sanjay Dutt etc.

Leo is a unique sign which chooses clothes on the basis of colour, under the invoice, and on quality. All these are signs of the Yepme clothes. So all the lioness, what are you waiting for? Start shopping now to stand out in the crowd. Reap the maximum benefit of the cosmos this month, with .

Trend Alert : Sheer Fashion


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Translucent fabrics, which are light and airy gives a feminine feeling and are perfect to introduce layers in your look. May b, this is a reason why sheer is hot on the runways. From sheer skirts and peekaboo panels to see-through gowns, the International celebrities seemed to be besotted by the trend. Sheer clothing has always had its share of controversies and drawbacks in the previous years, but thanks to the changing trends and inclusion of sheer in a variety of trends and looks, it now seems to be everyone’s favourite. Everybody wants to have a piece of sheer in their look, Literally!!

image1Courtesy: debuzzviews.blogspot

Let’s have a look at how sheer can be included in your wardrobe and look, this season.

1) Sheer Skirts: Show off your toned legs behind the ultra feminine sheer or veil skirt. Sheer skirts or leg veils look beautiful on all shapes – from slim models to the voluptuous ones. Choose a print to go with like you can opt for polka or floral or just go black for a gothic look. One can create their own sexy or cute look out of this, by choosing the right skirt and fabric.

Sheer skirt

2) Sheer Hems and Exposed Shoulders : Wanna show off but don’t want to reveal too much. Then, see-through accents towards shoulders and arms will look just perfect. It will give a minimalistic look, while giving an edge to the complete look.


3) See Through Gowns : This is for the bold and beautiful. Delicate, embellished or layered, see-through gowns can definitely make the heads turn. Pair it with ankle strap heels and subtle make-up.

Sheer gowns


4) Sheer Lace: Elegant, refined and sophisticated! Sheer lace is a must-have in a girl’s wardrobe. Choose pastel colours or shades of white for lace and pair it with minimal accessories. Opt for a sheer lace skirt or dress in various lengths and colours.

Sheer lace

Some tips to sport the sheer look without baring it all :

  • Highlight your assets. If you have toned arms, go for sheer sleeves, if you have sexy legs, then opt for sheer skirt, same goes for the mid-riff. Inject it subtly in your clothing.
  • Opt for neutral and pastel colours and try to keep the whole look minimal and natural.
  • Embellished fabrics are a good option for those not comfortable with complete sheer or transparent fabric.
  • Fabrics like chiffon, tulle, lace in different colours can also be opted for a sheer look.