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Charming, practical, wise, well spoken, cheerful & meticulous are all qualities that describe the Virgo.

The sixth sign of the zodiac, the Virgo is a earth sign. Knowing and analyzing every fact, a Virgo is extremely ambitious and always wants more. Your loving and compassionate nature makes you well loved by everyone. A constant need for perfection makes you meticulous. Social media and blogs were made for Virgos, since you love to express yourself. You are caring, giving and for you ‘ love is real ‘.

Things Virgos can work on – dogmatic personality, criticism, judgmental.

Fashion and style: 

Overly casual is not your thing since your outfits have to be carefully put together. Chic, edgy, smart, striking best describe the clothes and jewelry in your wardrobe. Perfection is one of your strongest traits and you seek this in your clothes.

You love micro pleated skirts and basic silver elements in jewelry. Each piece you choose in wardrobe and jewelry is influenced by the earth nature of your zodiac sign. A Virgo woman will never be caught dead with a bad hair day or clothing (no pictures are allowed if she is not dressed well)! Shop now from Yepme.com since eye-catching tops and dresses are your favorite.


Courtesy : pinterest.com

Colors and Virgo:

Natural earthy tones, blues, orange and yellow.

Celebrities with this sign:

Blake lively, Beyoncé, Cameron Diaz & Kareena Kapoor

Virgo Man:

Virgo men don’t hide your star sign, because it’s a girl sign, because you are a perfect alpha male.

Precise, exact, methodical, hardworking and a attention for details – The Virgo man. You love well-put together outfits. Denim shirts, polo, tees, stripes work best for you. A Virgo man is well groomed at all times. Shirts that can be paired with everything from denims to chinos are your wardrobe staple. You seek practicality and reliability in your wardrobe. Shop polo tees, stripes and check shirts that go with everything, from Yepme.com