Animal Print :

The easiest way to look sexy, trendy and stylish is to add animal print to your wardrobe. Try the animal print dress by Yepme. Animal print should stay single i.e you can choose from a dress, scarf or shoes, but wear only one animal print at one point of time.

Style Diary :

1) For the more conservative, mix and match animal prints with solid, basic colours only. Black seems to work best. Insert colour through heels or a lip shade.

2) Staying single is key with animal print, Choose only one large part of your outfit that’s wild. For instance, if your top is a leopard or tiger let the pants be non animal.

3) If you want to be daring, take a leap and pair with a pencil skirt which touches below the knee or leather pants.

4) Wear animal print with bright colours. Think only one single vibrant color. Choose your colour and have fun with it. This actually helps in toning down the print as the colour steals attention away from print. Green pants (available at Yepme) would look delicious with animal print tops at Yepme.

dress like a star 2Skater Dress :

A dress silhouette inspired by the 80’s, fitted at the bodice, nipped at the waist and flared at the hips. This cut best helps the Indian women. When it comes to the colour palette, it’s the soft hues and monochrome shades that strike the most. Try the dusty pink for a feminine twist or the brown for a minimalist touch. For a ravishing appearance, another colour palette to consider is the boldest of bold hues, blue.

How to Wear it :

A) Wear flats : Your skater dress can be perfect for the day. Pair with roman sandals or converse, to be comfortable.
B) Accessorise : Add a skinny belt in metallic finish to change the look.
C) Layer : Wear a sweater or a leather jacket on top.
D) Tights : Back to school fashion is a huge trend this season. The skater dress with printed leggings can be reminiscent of school days.

Denim Shirt : 

This is a classic staple. Denim is a material that is engraved in menswear. From jeans to shirts, and everything in between, this fabric is a wardrobe staple. Come rain or shine, you can wear it in any season. Durability and versatility are a denim shirts best features. An undoubtedly menswear essential, a button down, slim cut denim shirt is what you should be investing in. Used a layering or a standalone piece this denim shirt should be in your wardrobe. The above picture is a testament to this shirts ability to transition all seasons, look stylish on everyone and to effortlessly interchange through looks.

Dress like a star

Check Shirt : 

An example of easy fashion, smarter than a t-shirt, and less formal than a structured shirt. Whether used as a layering or a standalone piece, check shirts are a classic. Wear a plaid shirt over jeans and maintain the evergreen classic look. The check shirt is to a man what a LBD is to a woman – a wardrobe staple

A plaid or checkered shirt will add that much needed personality in your wardrobe. Wear a solid colour t-shirt inside your check shirt and pair it with denims for the perfect casual look.

If you are not the shorts kind of a guy stick to denims. Denims in summer should be extremely lightweight. Don’t forget to cuff denims at the ankles this summer. Headgear has cemented itself as another fashion staple for the stylish man. Choose from panamas or fedoras to be stylish and protected from the harsh rays of the sun at the same time. Finish your summer look with a hot pair of glasses, a messenger bag, and be ready to get some attention from the girls.